Chair mats- nice or needs

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Some see chair mats as the ultimate office luxury, we at Cheap Chair Mats see them rather more as a necessity.
Chair mats- luxury or necessityAnd it’s not just us- more and more people and businesses now see and understand the importance of chair mats- not only to your office- but to you and your staff as well.

Ensuring extra comfort in the workplace as you and your staff as they move their chairs helps their physical wellbeing.

Chair mats help you to be more stable and secure in your work, without worrying about slipping away from your desk as well as protecting your floor space from any damage.

We make then in the UK and eu from a variety of materials and fabrics so that they can either blend in well with your workspace or you can make something of a statement, depending on your preference!

Just take a look through our range of office chair mats now and take advantage of one of the most useful office accessories on the market.

Protecting your office- as well as your staff.

It is a waste of money when after only a few months after having flooring or carpets fitted in your office or home office you start to notice damage to your floors due to computer chairs.

However this costly problem can be easily solved with the addition of a handy office accessories; computer chair mats.

These are hugely effective for protecting your floors and extending their life for as long as possible as well as creating a safer office space.

They are a great addition to any office and a nice finishing touch that shows your business pays attention to the small details to improve the working environment.

They are extremely durable and hardwearing, using the very latest materials for the best possible finish.

We are market leaders and experts at providing small or large office floor protection- depending on your needs.

Since 2002, we have been making the very best floor protection products for our customers and delivered using our highly convenient service we can send out chair mats the very next day if you need them.

So please have a look through our selection of floor protection range now and find an excellent solution to office floors!

Colourful chair mats

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Colourful design printed chair mats that come with anti-slip protection

Our colourful designs can enchance your leisure and lifestyle

  • Image is UV-resistant meaning they can be used outside as well as inside.
  • Brings colour, style, design and a host of new applications to your floor.
  • With special anti-slip protection, ideal for both carpet and hard floor use.
  • Rounded edges for easy roll-on, roll-off.
  • Rectangular shape ideal for many different applications from a baby’s play mat to a home aeorobics mat, from a garage workshop mat to a designer chair mat for your office.
  • Available in polycarbonate only.
chair mats colourfulchildren's play coveringspebbles designstar design

Or you can create your own design!

Create Your Own Mat!

  • Bespoke mat printing available on request.
  • Why not add that extra touch for visitors to your office or home
  • Contact us and we’ll show you how you can make your very own colourful mat!
bespoke colour printing

Value Floor Mats

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Extraordinary dust control at a competitive prive

  • Anti-slip and eady to clean
  • Extraordinary dust control at a competitive price
  • Polypropylene fibres trap dust particles
  • Available in standard sizes or on rolls for larger areas

Product Ratings

  • Water Capacity 3/5
  • Dust Control 5/5
  • Durability 5/5
value door mats Doortex Advantagemat
double advantagement Doortex Advantagemat Double
large Doortex mat
detail of blue mat Close up image of the blue Advantagemat.

Carpet mat ad misleading

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A carpet mat company has run into problems with the Advertising Standards Authority with a television advertisement for its mats.
Floor Mat advert found to be misleading by ASAThe ad compared walking on a normal floor mat, which left a muddy footprint on the floor, with walking on the Magic Carpet, which left no such print behind.
A viewer who had bought the product challenged whether the ad was misleading because he found that the mat did not reduce footprints to the extent shown.

The water was mixed with mud to make the contrast clearer to viewers, but that did not suggest that the mat would retain more mud than a conventional doormat.

However, the ASA decided the ad gave the impression that the Magic Carpet would remove all mud and dirt from shoes, but noted that its ability to soak up mud and dirt had not been tested.

The voice-over claim, “What a mess! Muddy foot and paw prints trampled all through the house. What you need is the Magic Carpet”, reinforced the impression that the mat would soak up mud.

JML was told that the ad must not be broadcast again in its current form.

You can view the ad here:

From: JML Magic Carpet mat ad deemed misleading

Chair mats easily delivered

Some chair mat retailers and manufacturers deliver their mats rolled up.
Chair mats easily deliveredWhich can then cause you all sorts of unwrapping and unrolling problems and issues.

However our chair mats are specially packaged within recycled cardboard wrappers which mean that you can easily unwrap your floor covering and start to use it straight away.

So you will not need to find a big enough space to unravell yours- let alone go through the hassle of steam it flat.

We can package your floorings in cartons, polybags or bulk depending on your individual requirements- even if you are a customerr ordering from our retail site you will probably want a single mat shipped in a cardboard carton.

However, if you are a wholesaler or dealer then a bulk packed pallet will be more appropriate delivery method.

Our cheap floorings offer maximum transparency as a result of an extra slow manufacturing process.

They are guaranteed not to crack, chip, break or shatter under normal use and correct application.

We believe our mats are the most durable Vinyl mats on the market and the better materials used give a better-looking mat with no yellowing.

In addition our original Floortex Polycarbonate is environmentally safe and 100% recyclable- so you can be reassured that you will buying the ultimate green flooring!

Computer Chair Mats

Computer chair mats can protect your flooring from being damaged or ruined by runners, wheels or legs being dragged across your floors, carpeting or floor tiles. Computer chair mats protect your flooringIn addition, they can also decrease the risk of personal injury to the sitter’s spine, hips, and knees when they move their chair.

Chair mats solve these kinds of issues and enables the chair to move easily and safely  without damaging either your floor or the sitter.

A computer chair mat is usually made of polycarbonate, rubber, PVC or some other padded, strong composite which is placed between the desk and underneath the feet or wheels of the computer chair.

These types of mats are available from Cheap Chair Mats and are available in various sizes and shapes, and can cover any space- small or large.

Round and custom made designs and shapes can also be ordered.

Clear see-through mats let you see the carpet quality and the design to show through, whilst concealing virtually all the marks the chair makes upon the floor protection.

Anti static mats offer protection within offices protecting electrical appliances.

Padded anti fatigue rubber mats work extremely well wherever workers have to spend a considerable amount of time standing on their feet, for example in  office or store reception areas.

A chair mat generally features rubberized grippers on the underneath to stop it from slipping and moving around.

The mats are available in different sizes- chiefly 90cm x120cm, 100cm x 120cm and 120cm x 134cm.

It is advisable to calculate the area where the mat is going to be needed, the actual width regarding the area below the table or work-station, width of seat feet and the spectrum associated with the chair movement.

Chair mats save your office

Sitting in chair working over a computer for  a whole day will result in approximately two hundred and fifty times movements over a carpet or floor new research shows.Chair mats-protecting you officeAs a result, the chance of harming your carpet or floor coverings is pretty high. And floors and carpets are not cheap to replace or repair. Excluding the extra cost to the environment.

However- help is at hand as there is a relatively inexpensive alternative just for very problem.

You can install a desktop chair mat to protect your flooring and steer clear of the restoration hassle and expense.

And it’s not just your flooring that a chair mat can help you with.

Many of our chair mats are anti static- so that you can shield not only your own flooring but protect your computer at the same time.

Whenever you move around your computer chair over a carpet you generate static electrical energy from the ground so it is possible to transfer it is unconsciously to the computer which may harm your processor other vital computer components.

That is why a computer chair mat provides anti-static properties in order to avoid static energy which could destroy your personal computer equipment.

Additionally when you are moving your chair around, you are stressing your back and joints.

By using a floor protection  cover you can effortlessly move from one location to another without increasing the odds of injuring yourself.

Due to this decreased levels of friction, a mat not just shields your own carpeting, additionally; it may reduce personal injury to a person’s joint parts and spine.

Logo Mats with your logo

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logo mat bespoke design


You can now make a real impact on your customers and visitors with a bespoke design printed onto your entrance mat.

Available in 4 sizes, Logotex mats incorporate your design or logo on a high quality entrance mat which is manufactured from a 100% nylon twist surface with a nitrile rubber backing which is resistant to oil and grease.

The mat is fully launderable and has low profile borders to reduce trip hazard.

Logotex mats are ideal for :

. Retail shops
. Restaurants
. Hotels
. Corporate offices
. Car Dealerships
. Theatres, Cinemas, Live Music venues
. Pubs
. Museums and visitor attractions
. Anywhere where you need to make an impact!

We have developed an online order application which guides the customer through choosing the specifications for their mat. This is available through online retailers.

Once the mat has been ordered the customer is sent a PDF proof of their mat and, when approved, the mat will be manufactured and, in the majority of cases, will be drop-shipped in 10 working days.

Online retailers can contact Floortex to find out how they can incorporate the Logotex application, which can be branded with their logo, into their eCommerce portfolio by emailing us.

GET YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS MAT is an extension of the Logo concept. We can print any message and any design to help you deliver health and safety, sales or promotional messages.

You could also use or mat to clearly mark specific areas in your building, whether it be a first aid room, disabled access area or no smoking areas for example.

Your Own Message Goes here

Rubber Mats

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rubber mats

Machine washable at 30′

dust control
  • The total solution for dust & moisture
  • Good water retention
  • Floors stay safe and clean
  • Easy maintenance – cleans with vacuum cleaner or hosepipe
  • Luxurious appearance of the plush pile.
  • Washable at 30 degrees celsius / 86 degrees fahrenheit.
  • 100% polypropylene with flexible anti-slip rubber / vinyl backing.
  • Choice of 4 sizes, 3 colours.
total solution

Machine washable at 30′

double action
  • The total solution for dust & moisture
  • Double action – cotton fibres retain moisture and finer dust while the coarse polypropylene fibre scrapes the dirt off the shoes.
  • Floors stay safe and clean
  • Indoor use
  • Washable at 30 degrees celsius / 86 degrees fahrenheit.
  • 70% cotton & 30% polypropylene with flexible anti-slip rubber / vinyl backing.
  • Choice of 4 sizes, 3 colours.
total solution
  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • Ideal where rain or snow are a problem
  • Very durable and hardwearing
  • 100% rubber
  • Choice of 2 sizes
outdoor use
  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • Traps dirt from shoes
  • Can be used as an anti-fatigue mat to relieve the discomfort of standing in one place for long periods
  • Bevelled edge to reduce danger of tripping
  • 100% rubber
  • Choice of 2 sizes

Floor Mats- clear choice

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Floor mats

Cleartex is our brand name for transparent, crystal clear floor protection mats in Original Floortex Polycarbonate and PVC.

Cleartex mats will allow the beauty of your natural wood floors to shine through, and will protect your carpeted areas from wear and tear.

Cleartex also offers a smoke tinted option in Polycarbonate and a black coloured option in PVC for those areas of flooring which may already have been damaged and need covering.


Flooring can be expensive – in those areas where there is heavy footfall, chair movement or risk of spillage, a relatively small investment in a high quality Cleartex mat will help protect your carpet, wood or laminated hard floors from damage, reduce cleaning costsand increase their lifespan.


Cleartex mats are versatile, easy to move and easy to clean, making them perfect for a wide variety of uses. They are ideal for all areas of the office and home and our wide range of shapes provide floor saving solutions for desk areas, reception areas, thoroughfares that experience heavy footfall, waste bin areas and a great deal more.


Cleartex is available in extremely durable, crystal clear Original Floortex Polycarbonate and new formulation PVC, which are the clearest PVC mats on the market.

Original Floortex Polycarbonate

. Extremely durable. This material is used in the manufacture of bullet-proof glass.

. Environmentally safe. Free from toxic materials.

. Environmentally friendly. Polycarbonate is 100% recyclable.

. Very Ergonomic. A smooth rolling surface for chairs with castors.

. Fire Resistant

. New formulation makes Cleartex polycarbonate mats even clearer.

. Odourless.

. Easy to clean with soap and water.

. One year warranty included. Your polycarbonate mat is guaranteed not to crack, curl, yellow.


. Our new product formulation makes Cleartex PVC mats the clearest vinyl mats on the market.

. Higher quality and durability than other vinyl mats.

. Less odour than other vinyl mats.

. Higher UV protection than other vinyl mats.

. Same design, structure and finish as our polycarbonate range.
. Gripper backed mats for carpets.
. Smooth backed mats for hard floors.
. NEW Anti-slip polycarbonate mats for hard floors
Protection Benefits
Cleartex mats are available in a wide variety of shapes. Each shape has a wide variety of uses and applications. Combined with the mat’s durability and appearance, this makes a Cleartex mat a flexible and long-lasting floor protection solution.

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