Chair Mats best wishes

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Chair Mats wishes you a Happy New Year!Chair Mats wishes you a Happy New Year!Chair Mats wishes you a Happy New Year!

Snow Joke

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Snow joke- how not to look after your property

A bit of a snow clearing outside the front door in Dunfermline, Scotland, resulted in a mini avalanche, as two men set about clearing the ice from their guttering.

Make sure that you have your volume turned up!

Naj Mohammed, who filmed the action and posted it on You Tube said of the clip: “Because of the heavy snow and freezing conditions, ice had frozen in all the gutters. The weight causing the pipes to sag and the brackets to break. This was us in the process of damage limitation!”

The Door Mats organsation does not recommend this as a proceedure for clearing your own guttering.

However it certainly did the job and gave over half a million people a laugh in the process.

Rubber Mats

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Rubber Octo Mat – Durable and hard wearing, great for coping with rain or snow

Our rubber mats are designed to scrape away the worst of the dirt and soak up the majority of the water that shoes would otherwise bring inside. Combine with a Doortex Indoor mat for total dust and moisture protection.

  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Ideal for coping with rain or snow
  • Mats connect to cover larger areas
  • Optional brushes for more effective scraping

Product Ratings

Water Capacity – 1/5

Dust Control – 3/5

Durability – 5/5

Rubber Mats- octo outdoor mats Octo Rubber Mat Clipping Path– Product on blank background with clipping path
profile closeup photo Octo Rubber Mat Profile Photograph- Profile picture of Rubber Octomat
image closeup Octo Rubber Mat

Mats Chair wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Anti Fatigue Mats

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Our anti fatigue rubber mats provide a range of benefits:

* A cushion for your feet

* Relieves fatigue from prolonged standing, increasing productivity and morale

* Reduces spinal compression and improves circulation

* Ideal for where hard floors and long periods of standing cause fatigue

Anti Fatigue rubber mats Doortex Anti-Fatigue Bubble- Product on blank
background with clipping path.
bubble image Doortex Anti-Fatigue Bubble Mat on blank background
with clipping path.

Save your staff

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Our broad range of anti-fatigue rubber mats can save you money!Rubber mats- save your fatigued staffA happy worker is a respected worker. And a respectful boss is rewarded by happy staff.

One way a respectful boss can help his or her staff is to provide a good working environment.

Especially if the staff have to stand up for long periods of time.

Many research projects demonstrate that happy and healthy workers typically demonstrate increased productivity coupled with reduced illness and injury.

Rubber mats are routinely used in business and industrial settings and we can provide them in variuos sizes and designs.

These protective floor coverings are effective at combating tiredness and other medical problems associated with standing on hard surfaces for prolonged periods of time.

Anti-fatigue matting is also an excellent choice in protecting against falls, slips and other mobility accidents.

As an added benefit, rubber mats can insulate against cold floors- which can be particularly useful with all of this wintry weather we are experiencing.

Rubber mats are not be limited to industrial work settings. Home owners are increasingly discovering the benefits of anti fatigue mats.

Fatigue and muscle ache can be major problems encountered by workers who stand for prolonged periods. With diminished blood flow, pooling is common the legs leading to fatigue and edema- an excessive accumulation of serous fluid in tissues.

Increased blood flow is the best defence in combating fatigue.

Medical reports indicate that anti-fatigue mats have also been effective in protecting against serious foot and lower back conditions.

Anti-fatigue and workplace mats are designed to encourage small leg movements, causing a seemingly invisible sway which promotes increased circulation.

Our anti-fatigue mats are easily installed and durable ultimately saving you money and time.

In use, studies show improved workplace health and safety along with increase productivity.

By reducing accidents and limiting time lost to fatigue, these mats are certainly a worthwhile investment for you.

You can choose from 2 different styles of texture – bubble or ripple and they are all manufactured from 100% rubber.

Our anti-fatigue mats ranges with prices as low as £19.99- which is a bargain for increased productivity, workplace safety and overall employee satisfaction!

Mats brighten flats

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Mats brighten flats and apartments- as councellors are planning to overturn an Health and Safety ban on floor mats.Mats brighten flats and apartmentsThe housing organisation in charge of Wolverhampton’s council homes could be forced into a U-turn over a controversial ban on floormats and plants.

Wolverhampton Homes, which manages 23,500 properties for Wolverhampton City Council, removes carpets and mats from communal areas in flats.

It has also banned net curtains on the communal entrances.

But Liberal Democrat councillor Richard Whitehouse found cross-party support to overturn the rule at a meeting of the full council.

In a motion he said: “In the interests of health and safety, this council demands that Wolverhampton Homes alters its policy on removal of carpets and mats from communal areas of flats.

“Furthermore, this council demands that the use of net curtains at the communal entrance to electronic door entry flats and the placing of ornaments and plants on communal balconies, not passageways, of two storey maisonettes be allowed to continue.”

Councillor Whitehouse said “Residents have said the flats look drab and unwelcoming now.”

“I do not see how there is any fire risk from plants and mats, especially as I remember 20 years ago when we had to paint the walls with fire proof paint.

“I am not suggesting this in any block with more than three storeys. My motion does not make any provision for people to leave bicycles and push chairs out either.”

Dave Cocker, secretary of Graiseley Tenants and Residents’ Association, said: “I think common sense should prevail. I cannot recall and incident where a doormat has ended up a fire hazard.

The elfen safety rules have become so bad that tenants who flouted the new rules faced heavy fines or even jail, it has emerged. Pot plants, pictures and other items were outlawed last year.

Cotton door mats

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Cotton Door Mats-natural cotton protection from dust and moisture

  • Natural cotton protection from dust and moisture
  • Stops moisture caused by rain in its tracks
  • 100% cotton surface designed to be super absorbent
  • Product life of five years with virtually indestructible edging

Product Ratings

  • Water Capacity 5/5
  • Dust Control 5/5
  • Durability 3/5
cotton door mats blue Cotton mat blue on blank background with clipping path
grey Cotton mat grey on blank background with clipping path
honey brown Cotton mat honey brown on blank background with clipping path

Eco friendly mats

Our mats are eco friendly- as well as being made in the UK and EU.

Origional Floortex Polycarbonate

No cracking, no curling, no yellowing, no smelling

The safer, extremely durable, and more environmental alternative to traditional PVC General Office & Chair mats.

Original Floortex Polycarbonate is environmentally safe and 100% recyclable – the ultimate green chair mat!

  • Clear and very durable – Due to its hardwearing capabilities, this high quality plastic is used in the aircraft industry and in the manufacturing of bullet-proof glass. High clarity and impact resistance – virtually unbreakable.
  • Materials & Environmentally safe – PVC free, odourless, and completely free of any toxic chemicals.
  • Easy to clean – Simply wash with soap and water.
  • Fire Resistant – In accordance with 4102/B1 (resistant to burning cigarettes), Polycarbonate fulfils fire related insurance regulations.
  • Very Ergonomic – Minimal gliding resistance for chairs with castors.
  • Compatible with floor heating systems.
  • Negligable Gas Emissions make our mats ideal for people who suffer from allergies.
  • Safety Health Features make polycarbonate a recommended material for use in the vicinity of children.

eco materials

environmentally friendly

BS certified

PVC (Vinyl)

The lowest priced alternative offers maximum transparency as a result of an extra slow manufacturing process. Our mats are guaranteed not to crack, chip, break or shatter under normal use and correct application. We believe our mats are the most durable Vinyl mats on the market and the better materials used give a better-looking mat with no yellowing.

  • First European Manufacturer of PVC Chairmats.
  • Higher material density – our new product formulation means our PVC mats are far more durable and clearer than other vinyl mats on the market.
  • Much better quality
  • Less Odour
  • Higher UV protection than competitors’ mats.
  • Same design, structure and finish as our polycarbonate range.
eu compliant
Desktex – EarthSmart

Materials & Environmental responsibility has been a core value of DESKTEX from its beginning.

Our commitment is to provide the world’s finest quality, environmentally responsible desk pads and workstation organisers that exceed our valued customers’ expectations while conserving the earth’s natural resources.

Our products will not deplete the ozone layer, consume precious fossil fuels, destroy rain forests, or produce non-biodegradable waste.

DESKTEX products use renewable, recyclable. natural and raw materials that are biodegrable and recyclable to ensure maximum environmental performance.

earth smart
Desktex Logopad

Non-slip base made from 85% post-consumer material. The plastic cover is made from PET which is almost entirely post-consumer recycled from soda bottles. No need for a separate mouse pad.

Logo Pad™ is 100% recyclable.


Desktex uses renewable, recyclable, natural and raw materials that are biodegradable and recyclable to ensure maximal environmental performance.

Raw material used in Rhinolin ™ Desk Pads-

Linseed Oil: the most important raw material used in Rhinolin™ products is linseed oil, which is obtained by pressing seeds of the flax plant.

Rosin: the binding agent of Rhinolin™ is tapped from pine trees without effecting growth

Limestone: another key ingredient is found all over the world in enormous quantities.

Wood Flour : is used to bind the pigments, ensure color fastness and help to optimise a smooth surface. The wood flour used is a by-product left over from furniture manufacturing. It is chosen not to use tropical hardwood flour but wood flour made from timber grown in controlled European forests where every tree felled is replaced.

Pigments: the most beautiful colors are created by using ecologically responsible pigments that do not contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium.

Cork Flour: is made by grinding the bark of the cork oak, which is grown in the Mediterranean area. The bark is peeled every seven to ten years without effecting the tree’s growth.

mouse top


Ultimate Mats

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The ultimate dust control solution

  • The ultimate dust control solution
  • The highest quality professional entrance matting
  • Reinforced fibres microscopically brush dirt and dust
  • Unique scraper mat incorporates thick nylon monofilaments

Product Ratings

  • Water Capacity 4/5
  • Dust Control 5/5
  • Durability 5/5
Ultimate entrance mats Ultimate mat on blank background with clipping path.
grey mat Close up image of the grey Ultimate mat.
brown Close up image of the brown Ultimate mat
ultimate Doortex ultimate entrance mat

Cheap Mats

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Cheap Mats- Great performance with superb value!

  • Tough, hard wearing design
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Combines great performance with superb value
  • Optical barrier keeps mat looking clean while collecting dirt

Product Ratings

  • Water Capacity 3/5
  • Dust Control 3/5
  • Durability 3/5
Cheap value chair mats Value Mat on blank background with clipping path 16cm x 16cm
brown Doortex Valuemat Detail of Brown Mat
grey Doortex Valuemat Detail of Grey Mat
blue Doortex Valuemat Detail of Blue Mat
beige Doortex Valuemat Detail of Beige Mat

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