About Chairmats UK

Since 2002 we have been at the forefront of innovation in the manufacture and marketing of floor protection products. Offering an unrivalled range and exceptional quality, our products provide unquestionable value. With worldwide logistical, sales and marketing support, we maintains a 100% commitment to customer service.

Our Goals

Our goal is to consolidate our position as the European market share leader in floor protection products and desk mats and develop its global presence via the following 5 key strategic cornerstones;

  • To be unique in Innovation.
  • To market a breadth of range not offered from any other supplier.
  • To deliver unrivalled Quality.
  • To give unquestionable Value.
  • To offer 100% commitment to Customer Service.

A Global Presence

  • Mannheim, Germany Customer Services, European Logistics and Distribution, Procurement, & Sales.
  • Tewkesbury, UK Registered Office, Finance, IT, Legal, Marketing & Sales.
  • Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA- US Logistics and Customer Services
  • Moscow, Russia- Russian Logistics, Sales and Marketing
  • Barcelona, Spain- Spanish Sales and Marketing
  • Sydney, Australia- Australian Logistics, Sales and Marketing
  • Auckland, New Zealand- New Zealand Logistics, Sales and Marketing
  • Osaka, Japan- Japanese Logistics, Sales and Marketing


  • Polycarbonate and PVC Manufacturing & Production -Belfast, UK
  • Dust Control Mat Manufacturing – Belgium
We are continually seeking to improve the quality and value of its ranges. While we endeavor to keep all information on the website up to date, we reserve the right to vary colours, specification and dimensions of product at anytime and without notice and without notice and without incurring obligations. Exact mat sizes are rounded up to the nearest cm. External links are selected and reviewed when pages are published.