Plastic office floor chair mats

Plastic office floor chair mats from only £17.99 including free delivery
Plastic office floor chair matsPlastic office floor chair mats from only £17.99 including free delivery to the UK, France and Germany.

The Cleartex Ultimat for a hard floor – rectangular shaped, smoke coloured.

Quick Overview- The ultimate in quality, clarity and durability for home and office flooring. Crystal clear and 100% recyclable, will allow the beauty of your flooring shine through.

For use on hard floors and carpet tiles.

Sizes- these great value floor protectors are available in two sizes- 120 cms x 89 cms and 121 cms x 150 cms.

Cleartex Ultimat is the ultimate in quality, clarity and durability for home and office flooring. Manufactured from Original Floortex Polycarbonate, this mat is crystal clear and 100% recyclable.

It is the toughest and most durable mat available. FC128920ECSM

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This mat is manufactured by Floortex- the UK’s leading manufacturer of floor protection and floor saving products.


Since 2001 Floortex has been at the forefront of innovation in the manufacture and marketing of floor protection products.

Offering an unrivalled range and exceptional quality, Floortex products provide unquestionable value.

With worldwide logistical, sales and marketing support, Floortex maintains a 100% commitment to customer service.

At home or at work, Floortex protects like no other.

An unrivalled range of products offers the enduring quality to safeguard every floor, chair, doorway and desk, keeping high traffic areas cleaner and safer, for longer.

From our extensive range of chair mats for both carpets and hard floors to our indoor and outdoor entrance mats, from our desk protection products to our custom design mats, Floortex is designed to perfectly preserve the condition of every surface we cover.

Floortex manufactures and supplies all these products, worldwide, to major Office Products dealers, wholesalers, internet retailers and high street stores.

First choice for thousands of customers since 2001, Floortex continue to provide new solutions, unbeatable value and outstanding customer service.

Eco friendly mats

Our mats are eco friendly- as well as being made in the UK and EU.

Origional Floortex Polycarbonate

No cracking, no curling, no yellowing, no smelling

The safer, extremely durable, and more environmental alternative to traditional PVC General Office & Chair mats.

Original Floortex Polycarbonate is environmentally safe and 100% recyclable – the ultimate green chair mat!

  • Clear and very durable – Due to its hardwearing capabilities, this high quality plastic is used in the aircraft industry and in the manufacturing of bullet-proof glass. High clarity and impact resistance – virtually unbreakable.
  • Materials & Environmentally safe – PVC free, odourless, and completely free of any toxic chemicals.
  • Easy to clean – Simply wash with soap and water.
  • Fire Resistant – In accordance with 4102/B1 (resistant to burning cigarettes), Polycarbonate fulfils fire related insurance regulations.
  • Very Ergonomic – Minimal gliding resistance for chairs with castors.
  • Compatible with floor heating systems.
  • Negligable Gas Emissions make our mats ideal for people who suffer from allergies.
  • Safety Health Features make polycarbonate a recommended material for use in the vicinity of children.

eco materials

environmentally friendly

BS certified

PVC (Vinyl)

The lowest priced alternative offers maximum transparency as a result of an extra slow manufacturing process. Our mats are guaranteed not to crack, chip, break or shatter under normal use and correct application. We believe our mats are the most durable Vinyl mats on the market and the better materials used give a better-looking mat with no yellowing.

  • First European Manufacturer of PVC Chairmats.
  • Higher material density – our new product formulation means our PVC mats are far more durable and clearer than other vinyl mats on the market.
  • Much better quality
  • Less Odour
  • Higher UV protection than competitors’ mats.
  • Same design, structure and finish as our polycarbonate range.
eu compliant
Desktex – EarthSmart

Materials & Environmental responsibility has been a core value of DESKTEX from its beginning.

Our commitment is to provide the world’s finest quality, environmentally responsible desk pads and workstation organisers that exceed our valued customers’ expectations while conserving the earth’s natural resources.

Our products will not deplete the ozone layer, consume precious fossil fuels, destroy rain forests, or produce non-biodegradable waste.

DESKTEX products use renewable, recyclable. natural and raw materials that are biodegrable and recyclable to ensure maximum environmental performance.

earth smart
Desktex Logopad

Non-slip base made from 85% post-consumer material. The plastic cover is made from PET which is almost entirely post-consumer recycled from soda bottles. No need for a separate mouse pad.

Logo Pad™ is 100% recyclable.


Desktex uses renewable, recyclable, natural and raw materials that are biodegradable and recyclable to ensure maximal environmental performance.

Raw material used in Rhinolin ™ Desk Pads-

Linseed Oil: the most important raw material used in Rhinolin™ products is linseed oil, which is obtained by pressing seeds of the flax plant.

Rosin: the binding agent of Rhinolin™ is tapped from pine trees without effecting growth

Limestone: another key ingredient is found all over the world in enormous quantities.

Wood Flour : is used to bind the pigments, ensure color fastness and help to optimise a smooth surface. The wood flour used is a by-product left over from furniture manufacturing. It is chosen not to use tropical hardwood flour but wood flour made from timber grown in controlled European forests where every tree felled is replaced.

Pigments: the most beautiful colors are created by using ecologically responsible pigments that do not contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium.

Cork Flour: is made by grinding the bark of the cork oak, which is grown in the Mediterranean area. The bark is peeled every seven to ten years without effecting the tree’s growth.

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