Protect your wooden floors

Wooden floors are expensive to create, maintain and repair, so we have the answer- wooden floor chair mats.
Protect your wooden floors with our great value chair matsAs you may be aware, wooden floors are usually laminated and treated in order to resist wear, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything to maintain them.

If you maintain your wooden laminate floors properly, the beautiful colour and finishes of the hardwood will last for years.

Whether your wooden floors are in your office or in your home- moving chairs can scratch and rip the top veneer with thier shuffling.

Recent research has found that someone working at a computer may move their chair two hundred times every working day.

How may opportunities do you need to just once damage your floors?

Hence our great value mattings made in the UK and EU from recycled PVC materials.

So not only are you protecting your wooden floors but your are helping the planet as well.

Not to mention your wallet or purse as all of our floor mats come with free home or office delivery in the UK.

As well as covering wooden floors our chair mats are ideal for use over any working surface, from carpets and hardwood flooring to tiles or vinyl floor coverings.

If you want to find out more about wooden floor mats, then please click here now.


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